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Anonymous asked
It's your secret supporter here. I will be gone until Monday evening for my last camping trip of the summer. Therefore, I will not have access to Internet. I hope you have a weekend as fantastic as you are. Much love, -SS

Have fun!!

The first of the fall farm share from Sunseed Farm. Swiss chard, kale, tomatoes, Chamoe melon, potatoes, cucumbers, parsley, onion, pattypan squash, and sweet peppers.

A re-introduction

This blog has evolved quite a bit recently. I’ve definitely noticed a lot of food bloggers have unfollowed when I’m not posting food, health bloggers unfollow when I’m not posting health-stuff, and so on. So, I think it’s time that I re-introduce myself.

Hi. I’m Cody. I look like this;

Note: I am not actually a pirate.

This blog is about 99% original content. My primary blog, hellobabieswelcometoearth, is the account I will follow and reblog with. I’ve tried to make it as obvious as possible that both accounts are me, and I apologize for any confusion… I’m just strangely particular about this blog being my own content.

Sometimes things will link to cookielynn.com, which was the URL attached to this blog once upon a time. I try to fix it when I notice it, but I still find those links all the time. They seem to redirect properly, which is an internet miracle of sorts.

This blog is about the following things…

Food. - I am an assistant pastry chef, an ex-cake wrecker, and a graduate of a community college culinary program. My earlier posts, which I reblog from to to time, are mostly baking projects. I’ve kind of gotten away from that, because 40 hours per week in a 90-degree kitchen filled with sweets will do that to a person.

Still, I’ve spent more time cooking lately, and quite often post food pictures. While I consider my diet healthy for my body and metabolism, a lot of what I post won’t be considered “healthy eating.” I believe in eating a varied diet, cooking with good-quality ingredients, and using moderation rather than restriction. I know nothing about weight loss, and generally have no idea about the calorie/carb/fat content of my recipes.

Wine and tea are my beverages of choice, and they’ll both come up from time to time.

Cats. - I have two, and you’ll be seeing a lot of them.

Fitness. - I started getting into exercise because my body was always so stiff and sore after being on my feet all day, carrying around 50lb bags of flour and sugar. My first attempt was a barre class that I left after nearly passing out. After that, I decided to start more slowly, using yoga to increase my flexibility and stamina. I’m seeing great improvements in both, but I still have a long way to go.

I’m currently looking for a good cardio routine to add to my lifestyle, but so far all I really like is dancing. I’ve thought about running, but am very very intimidated by it.

When I’m more confident in my strength and flexibility, I plan to take an adult beginning ballet course, in order to fulfill a life-long “I always wish I would have…” from my childhood.

Anxiety/Depression - I’ve had mild anxiety and depression for a good portion of my life. Though it held me back for years, it was never so severe that I felt I needed anything more than self-care. Recently, life has thrown me into quite a bit of instability, and I’ve sought help at a local counseling center.

Other stuff. - Sometimes books and games find their way onto this blog. I rarely get any feedback/notes on those posts, but that won’t stop me from trying to bring those folks out of the woodwork.

I had written and queued this before I joined the Secret Support Team, so this is also my introduction for the team. :)

Anonymous asked
It's your secret supporter 😊 Just checking in for now. I have to go take my final. But afterwards, I'll be all yours. Have a great day! ❤️

Aww, thanks! Good luck on your finals!

I’ve noticed I lose two followers every time I post a promo. Look, I know it’s annoying, but I’d rather have a few friends than a bunch of followers. Talk to me, and I’ll stop. (Wow, that sounded threatening…)



In celebration of reaching 101 lovely follows I want to try my very first promo!

+You don’t have to be following me just reblog (no likes please!) by the end of The day tomorrow (Friday the 29th)

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Have a great day and happy blogging:)

Can you keep a secret?



We all need a helping hand on this journey, right? So Eveline and I are sponsoring the September Secret Support Team!

If you sign up for this you agree to:

  • Actively, secretly support one fellow tumblr as assigned
  • Send them anon support at least 3 times a week
  • Reveal yourself at the…

I just saw this on someone’s blog and it looks fun. Sort of a Random Acts of Kindness thing.